I Believe

April 3, 2011
I believe in the ambiguous future
I believe in the undocumented past
I believe that this smile, won’t be the first, it won’t be the last

I believe in astronauts, amusement parks, banana peels
I believe in Velcro shoes, in pencil grips, in training wheels

I believe in freedom, and the power of our nation
I believe in best friends
I believe in summer vacation

I believe that music, can heal most any pain
I believe that everyone should feel the autumn rain

I believe that I’m unique, not just because my mother says so
I believe in certainty, and never saying “I guess so”

I believe in birthdays
I believe in movie night
I believe the heart is almost always right

I believe in metaphors, and nine in the afternoon
I believe the war will end, and Matt will be home soon

I believe that lights on the freeway, make the most beautiful dance
I believe that people are honest, and deserve a second chance

I believe in Santa Claus
I believe boys can wear pink
I believe that the media distorts the way people think

I believe that there are problems
I believe that change will come
I believe in where I’m going, and where I’m coming from

I believe in hip hop music
I believe in Winnie-the-Pooh
I believe that changing the world, starts with me and you
I believe in innocence, and the San Francisco sun
I believe the world is wide, there’s enough love for everyone

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