Blinded By a Brick Wall

March 14, 2011
I’m trapped in the depths of hell.
My head is ringing like the bells of a church on a Sunday evening.
Lost without a care
And no hope.
Blinded by what’s behind me and not looking at what’s in front of me.
Calling out for help
I need something to help me see the right path.
The past is my future
My future is my past.
Feels like I’m stuck in an iceberg
Left cold and lonely.
“Help, Help, Help,” cries out a little voice inside me.
Struggling to keep my eyes on the prize.
But the more I think about it the fights not over.
Trapped behind a brick wall I can`t get past.
I’m sad and alone like a child being taken away from his mother.
Come to me,
Come find me show me the guiding rode.
I learn to do the right thing
Or good will never come to me.
I battle trying to get past the brick wall
Long and hard.
But I keep making the same mistakes
I’m blinded by the brick wall.

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