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March 19, 2011
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a sweatshop of
underpaid thoughts
a lethally indecisive
bewitched scale of justice

my most prized possession
without it a body motionless
a thoughtless void
three pounds lighter

a perfected thought process
naturally updated and downloaded everyday
from what I do see hear hate have and wonder
my brain dissolves deteriorates digests and develops

It is made up of things unknown
for I don’t take anatomy
but I have learned
what moves me
what hurts me
what sets off that tick and makes me crazy
my brain at times hazy lackadaisical lazy

it often sways me to think about daises
memories oceans and skies
what I would do if I had one wish
and could fly

my brain is me in what I think
over think rethink relax and think again
it produces my choices my senses my dreams
my mad crazy stupid wonderful schemes

thank you mom and thank you dad
you’re not so perfect pieces
created a work of art
that is always connected to my heart
and will be used in ways not yet known
But believe me my brain will be shown

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