March 18, 2011
You ask of me
If I can take your heart
If you can trust me
You can.
But you shouldn't.

I will protect it
with my life
Protect it
from all others who wish it harm
Except myself

It's in my hands
The dagger is too
Like it always is
Me or you?

The words
Escape my mouth
faster than I can stop them

I'm sorry.
It was not you
that was the source of my rage.
I apologize
for the pain I have
inflicted upon your heart

Take it
Take it back.
I don't want it.

You shall take it
or turn and leave
It will bleed in my hands
Until it heals
Or dies

The blood around me
Doubles in size
feeling the same pain
In my own heart
An invisible hand
Thrusting the knife
Deep into my chest

Soaked in blood
I start the cycle over
Searching for the one
who will stop my hand
Before I thrust
The dagger
deep into your chest

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Nelmo said...
Apr. 12, 2011 at 6:53 pm
I love this because not many people can come to terms with what they do to others
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