The Fallen

March 11, 2011
These wings...
Tired and torn.
Falling apart.
Feathers rough.
Weak and drooping.
Falling from the sky
As they break
Their final time.
Walking along
With your freedom
On your back.
Dragging along...
Black sheen
No longer there.
Dust embedded.
They hurt--
Like the hell
You're going through.
Broken wings.
It means
Broken freedom.
Loves lost
As your once marvolous wings
Fade into the dusk.
You become human again.
All the feelings that it includes--
They just remind you
Of everything you lost.
Without wings.
No faith.
Spirit died inside you
Long ago.
And your soul leaves you
Standing alone--
Fading with a sigh.
Your broken wings,
Once your pride,
Now your diguise
For this world
Of forgotten souls.
All lost
So long ago.

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