#41 (A Dave Matthews Poem)

March 2, 2011
By alexa.beltz BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
alexa.beltz BRONZE, Lincoln, Nebraska
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Anticipation encumbers the crowd
everyone soaked from the cry of the clouds
But I stand waiting to hear Dave's voice.
Like a dreamgirl, DMB is my single thought.

Enclosed by strangers with a common interest,
celebrate we will at the thunderous music.
Heart racing, hips dancing to Beauford's beat.
Surrounded by mary jane and glow bracelets.

I wonder what the others are thinkin'
as all the ants begin marching in unison.
Sound waves shifting my hair as I close my eyes,
branding this moment to my eardrums.

Can I dance with you tonight?
Just steady as we go this time.
The roar of incoherent fans surrounds us
as we all hunger for these great lights.

My own hoot and holler is #34 in a million
as we listen to the best of what's around.
They say you pay for what you get,
But this is a steal.

These other fans are strangers
yet they continue to crash into me.
Hello, Goodbye, How have you been?
Acting like foolish dancing nancies.

We stand here tonight on Grey Street
living the dreams of our fathers
to watch Tinsley break into imminent violin solos.
Oh, it's almost too much, but makes me want to stay.

The echo of the stereos reaches to the satellites.
If I had it all, I'd be here everyday
constantly bathing in the glorious music
until the Gravedigger calls us to lie in our graves.

Lover, lay down and listen with me tonight.
Am I a fool to think this will never end?
There's so much to say about our time
But you have trapped me in the idea of you.

The space between fills with you and me.
Be my American Baby here tonight.
What would you say if it felt so right
and we were still here when the world ends?

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote using a plethora of song titles from my favorite band, Dave Matthews.

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