I'm Strong

February 24, 2011
By Anonymous

You think I've fallen
because you said those dreadful words I can't stand you
Many people might have
but I'm not many people
I'm stronger

Rejection is part of life
I've gone through it more than once

I'm not gullible and
I'm not weak
I'm strong or so
I tell myself
Many times I've doubted it
but I am
I'm strong

words might hurt more than
physical pain
I'm strong

I don't feel sorry for myself
I feel sorry for you
It's your loss

I could be begging
and I could be crying but
I'm strong

Just because
you can't stand me doesn't mean I will change
I am me
you can't change that

Life is too short
to worry about small things
I've seen life and
I've seen death
I'm strong

Through it all I've learned
don't be so desperate
don't just give your self away

Everyone is special in their own way

There have been many
crushes, many
friends, and many
I'm strong

you are special just the way you are
don't just give you self away
you will regret it

who cares if he loves you or loves you or loves you not
you love you so stay strong

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