Just a dream

February 16, 2011
I see you standing, completely lost with glazed eyes, and a monster driven mind. I want to comfort you but I am at loss to know how. You drop to your knees, sobbing, I feel guilty, though i did nothing to deserve it. You look up and beckon me forward and my heart flutters a little. Intrigued I walk to where you stand. You pull me into a hug as soon as I am within reach, and beg me to help you.

Help you break your addiction to the monster.

Help you learn to love again.

Help you live.
You told me you had quit, that you had only done it once or twice, that you were trying to lay low, but you lied. I almost say to you that I won’t help you because I know I will only end up hurting myself. Bu your plea’s strike something deep down. As I look up at you in disbelief, I realize I don’t want to believe.

Don’t want to believe you forgot how to truly love someone.

Don’t want to believe the ruthess monster took away you will to live.

Don’t want to believe that you lied to me.
Against my better judgement, I hear myself agreeing to help. Your face has no expression as you lean in to kiss me for the very first time.

I wake up, realizing I can’t live without you, and I want you to know I love you.

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