Do You See Me?

February 1, 2011
It all starts with you.
I see you everywhere, but you don’t see me.
You see through me.
The way you talk to your friends intrigues me.
The careless laugh that escapes every once and awhile makes me smile.

I’m a statue, cold and lifeless. Do you see me?

I’m sitting a few seats away.
I’m the one with her head down.
You still don’t see me?
The teacher asks a question, and my daydream is broken.
Like a dove without wings; unable to fly, but still alive.
You lazily raise your hand in response to the teacher at the front of the room. M
y attention instantly switches from inside my head, to you.
I don’t catch the words that you say, but your voice finds my ears and I smile.
The bell rings. Class is over, we are dismissed.
My heart stops for the split second you walk by me.
I stare, but you just walk right on by, talking to your friends.
The warmth that was there for only a split second is gone.

I’m a statue, cold and lifeless. Do you see me?

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