A Brighter Essence

January 9, 2011
And I’m still short of breath, not quite in my head
Can’t feel this depth anymore..
Still trying to hold onto this reality just a little longer
Yet, I’m also trying to hold it back, so I can stay disillusioned
For just a day or two more
Wait for the strength to return and let it take hold..
Of everything I am
Everything I ever was, ever will amount to be
It’s reflected, but never disrespected
Simply scrutinized by my harshest glance forward
Once, I could feel without the physical emptiness
Now, the space fills me and my contradictions
Are being contradicted so completely
Has there ever been a difference?
Any separation of the light versus dark
The content of a heart, that sometimes beats too fast
One time could be the last, the final measure
Of the composition a writer never returned to finish
Endlessly continued towards the edge of the page
Effortlessly forgetting that tomorrow brings another day
And to recollect anything now means falling off the deeper ledge
The loss without recompense, the fragile with no line of defense
When these sensations start making sense
There’s the sign that insanity’s finally been reached
Differences between a want and a need
Lay the foundation for a newer and brighter essence of me

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