Kaleidoscope of my soul

January 13, 2011
I am the color of my dreams before I wake
The white of hand cream smoothing over skin
I am the pink of my soul searching for truth
I am the red of indecision and angry eyes
I am yellow of the summer sun spreading over shadows
I am that perfect person, if I try to be
And I am my mood
That dispels loneliness and gloom
Or chases laughter and glee from hearts.
My smile has the power to save a life,
Smiling to the suicidal girl,
Or the power to ruin it,
Laughing at the old man stumbling.
My thoughts are like a snow globe,
Resting on the ground until shaken up
By a change in life or pace,
To slowly settle down again, if you wait long enough,
And the purple of a new start, or a sunrise –
Gliding over the world,
And starting lives over again.

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