Unanswered Prayers

January 10, 2011
By Steviewonderful BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
Steviewonderful BRONZE, West Chicago, Illinois
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Days go by; I am sitting lonely on bitter hard park bench praying.
Why haven’t you been hearing what I’m saying?
Am I not speaking louder than a lion’s vicious roar?
I just want things to change ya know
I need to live on with my life, and spiritually grow.
There has been so much going on in my life
I just want it to go away.
So much lying, crying, and dying.

Wishing, wanting, and needing
To feel accepted by our corrupt society
Can’t you hear me Jesus?

My prayers still haven’t been answered after several years
At first I was felt empty, sad and vividly mad.
But now I’m kinda glad.
The things I prayed for didn’t construct the big canvas
You painted on for my life
The little bits and pieces of shattered glass from the past
That never seem to make sense.
How can you treat me with such kindness
after all I have done?

I walked to a path of understanding,
and there you are
holding open our arms with compassion.
Giving me knowledge of why you left me hanging
You wanted me to be strong enough to catch the evil temptations
Satan was throwing at me;
Hate, death, envy, lust,
Putting other unnecessary problems before me.
You would never give me tribulations
That would put me in harms way.

I pray
I pray
I pray

I need you near sweet Jesus
With you I feel protected
You are my personal secret service.
You are my strength when I am weak
So please Dear God,
Listen when I speak.
I am reaching out to you
Can you feel my sin calloused hands?
I want Your smooth righteous hands to reach back.

Take me, and make me well again.
Take my sins and free me from my burdens.

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