December 23, 2010
What's happened?
Tell me this please.
You used to care.
But not anymore.
You're such a jerk.
Where's MY boy at?
What happened to the one...
The one that wouldn't ever hurt me?
The one...
that wouldn't let me go?
Who didn't care
If I let my heart show?
The one...
that would protect me...
Oh, if he dare!
I want the old boy back.
My boy.
Tell me...
Where did he go?
I need to find him desperately.
And please don't say no.
I need him back.
The one I used to know.
The one...
Who took my hand so long ago...
and helped me through everything.
The boy I fell in love with.
Despite all the drama,
the one who took my heart out of my chest.
you act like you don't even care.
You're such a jerk.

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