The Rising Sun

December 19, 2010
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Emanating a sensation of warmth and happiness,
Spreading joy and positivity to all it encounters,
Engulfing people into a world of brightness and jubilance,
Making every moment blissful and upbeat,

Choosing to be a beaming, gleaming light,
Shining radiant, blazing rays of golden warmth,
Spreading wide, toothy grins along people’s faces
Originally filled with somber, morose expressions,

Once its rays are felt, an emotion of cheerfulness and optimism,
Will inundate people so they are intoxicated with joy,
Liberating them of the despondency and melancholy
Stirring up emotions of merriment and vivacity,

Like the promising rays of a new dawning day,
Its golden light creeps across the Earth,
Warding off the eerie shadows of the night,
Awakening and bringing peace,

It is the bold, auspicious sun,
Bringing delightfulness and hope,
To those who feel have nothing left,
Who never look beyond what is shown,

Bringing hope and happiness like a bright sunrise,
Shining its light for all to see,
Only the sun,
On a new, dawning day.

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