Dangerous Love

November 7, 2010
By AnjiLegacy PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
AnjiLegacy PLATINUM, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Give me your heart, Give me your soul.
Give me love, so I can console.
Tell me you love me, tell me it's true.
Tell me you love me, say 'I love you.'
Entrust me with your feelings, entrust me with your heart.
Entrust me with your love, we must never be apart.
I will take your wings and your distal spirit.
I will sing to the stars, so everyone can hear it.
I will not let darkness consume me.
I will not let it take control.
I will not let it interfere with what my heart has been.
I was told I was be independent.
I was told I would be free.
I was told we'd be together...
You said we'd be together...
That is what you said...
You said you would love me forever...
Now I'm on my death bed.
I knew you were lying.
I knew it the whole time.
But, I have you by the neck...
Now your soul is mine.
Do you have any last statements?
Do you have any last words?
Yous say you love me?
You're the one who poisoned me!
Now you have got some nerve!
I have injected you with some poison as well...
Now, our time is near.
I can see the look in your eyes.
They contain so much fear.
You thought you had a game going on...
But, I can play one as well.
I can see you are drifting into unconsciousness...
I guess I will see you in hell.

The author's comments:
I guess you could say this is a bigger twist in Shakespeare's, "Romeo and Juliet."

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