Farther Away

November 2, 2010
Traveling down the road
Away from where I want to be
Away from you...
I only wish we had more time
A chance to say goodbye

As the sun rises higher and higher
The distance between us lengthens
And the pain worsens with every mile
The cut deepens with every inch
I'm haunted by the thought
That when I come home
You wont be there...

Time begins to drag ever so slowly
Days feel like years and
The concept of a week...
Completely unbearable...

Looking out the window
All I see is my reflection
staring right back at me
Oh how I wish it was you staring instead

If only I could sleep and never awaken
So I can dream of your beauty
So I can listen to your laugh
So I can live in a world
Where we could be...

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