Broken World

October 7, 2010
Don’t tell me it’s okay, because it’s not.
Don’t tell me it’ll go away, because it’s not gonna.
Don’t tell me I’ll be fine, because I won’t.
Don’t tell me not to worry, because I need to.
We need to. Together.
We need to face this broken world, Strong.
Hands held, a chain made.
Tell me I can, and I will.
Tell me I will, and I can.
We can.
We can and we will.
We’ll reverse this make it better,
Fasten those pieces of our broken world,
Maybe not the way they were before,
But we’ll fasten them.
Save this planet from its fate we have created,
Catch it before it falls into the abyss.
It won’t be okay unless we make it okay.
We need to worry so we can fix it.
So don’t tell me it’s okay, because then I’ll forget.
We’ll forget.
We’ll let those pieces of our broken world crash and burn
Taking us with them
Scare me so I’ll change it
Dangle me above that black hole by my ankles So I see what will become
I’ll build an army of everyone I know and we’ll fix it.
We’ll lose friends along the way
Some may lose themselves,
But in the long run, it’ll be okay.
Because the pieces will be glued, a rope will be tied
And together, we’ll pull our newly fixed world
Higher than ever before.

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