Teenink . . . hear my soul speak.

October 10, 2010
hear my soul.
Hear my soul,
through the words I write.
I write of my life,
my love,
my pain.
I want the world to hear my story,
I want the world to know my name,
and the world to know the story behind it.
To make people laugh,
make people cry.
Make them say wow,
make them wonder who I am,
where I've been,
who I've met.
I want to make people feel,
feel love,
feel hate,
feel anguish,
feel loss.
So Teenink,
hear my soul.
Hear it speak,
hear it sing,
hear it call to you,
whispering to you,
telling you to give my art a chance.
Hear my soul speak,
please Teenink,
give me a chance.

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