Thinking About You

September 4, 2010
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Is it bad to say that I'm thinking about you?
Is it so horrid to say that's all that I do?
I don't mean to cause you so much pain,
But lately I'm thinking with my heart, not my brain.
When you leave me and can not talk,
It rips my heart out and tears it apart.
I don't know what caused me to feel this way,
But I like the feelings and I hope you stay.
Please don't say you can't do this anymore,
It's our time together that I now live for.
You're so smart and it's not fair,
That we have to be seperate and not a pair.
Please say what you used to to show that you care,
Please act the way you did when we were there.
I'm asking you to because I'm addicted to you,
All the things you say and the things that you do.
You can ignore all this,
If only you'll give me a single kiss.
God, how I wish for one,
I'd like more but one's better than none.
Please just don't leave me too,
Can't you see- I'm in love with you....

Is it bad to say that I'm thinking about you?
Is it so horrid to say that that's all that I do?

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forever-and-always said...
Sept. 20, 2010 at 5:38 pm
love it!!keep writting more things like this ... it sounds like its coming from your heart.
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