I Don't Know Who You Are

August 30, 2010
By Anonymous

I can read you like a book,
yet I don't know who you are.
My best friend, where are you?
I've made yet another scar.

I called you last night
because I worry and I care.
You said you'd always be here for me,
but it feels like you were never really there.

Pushed aside; I feel alone.
I've dealt with this pain for way too long.
You were my other half.
The right path I was on has suddenly gone wrong.

Abandoned by the one I love,
what an ironic tradgedy.
I trusted you and I was there for you.
You even said you would die without me.

You were afraid to date me
because you didn't want this to end.
Hypocrite, where are you
and what have you done with my best friend?

You are probably sick of my depression,
but that's no excuse for you to leave.
I'm surprised I haven't gone back
to being afraid to pull up my sleeve.

My heart has been hurt
to a point in which I can't repair.
Things barely ever get better
and life will never be fair.

I've been trying not to make mistakes
for the past year.
Hoping to god that I won't fall asleep
with my eyes full of tears.

I suppose I better let
time take its toll.
Everyone has a purpose
and suffering is my main role.

The author's comments:
This was written was I was 16. After my first serious relationship, I started dating my best friend. This is about Justin.

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