I Missed You

August 29, 2010
There's something in this day
That makes me think everything will be okay
I got almost no sleep last night
But somehow I still feel alright
Somehow I'm still smiling through this haze
We talked for the first time in days
Can't believe you think of me
And I'm the first person you want to see
After you get out
Why did I ever doubt
The way you felt for me
I'ts so plain to see
That everything you say is true
Oh my goodness I missed you
I missed your gentle kiss
Didn't want to let go of this
I missed the way you talk
And the swag in your walk
The way you're just too damn cool
The way you love to break every rule
And you make it clear that you're bad
You love to pretend you're mad
But you're not very good at that
You always stop and laugh
And I luagh right with you
Because this is all too good to be true
The simple words you say
Mean so much more to me today
Because even after we were seperated
You and I both waited
Neither of us decided to move on
Neither of us wanted the other gone
I missed you
You missed me too
So please don't get in trouble again
I don't want this to end
But I'm too young to deal with a guy
Who's only going to tell me lies
And I shouldn't have to worry about
What day you're going to get out
So just make me a promise
That I don't need to worry about this
That you and I are fine
And that you will always be mine

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