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August 9, 2010
By HazelKush GOLD, Odenton, Maryland
HazelKush GOLD, Odenton, Maryland
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"Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter." - Yoda.

How ever could God deny you?
For certain you are of origin of the gates.
What about you forced him to push your flightless child
Self over the edge of his cotton-candy cloud, only to fall to my Embrace?

Of course I am thankful. Grateful. Blessed, even.
Yet amidst my serenity, I’m left puzzled.
A soul matching yours could only describe an angel;
A protector of the king and supervisor to the inferior.

Yet why am I chosen to bask in your affection?

God overlooked my birth.
Hasn’t paid much attention to the years following.
Despite the desperate cries late at night by my slumberside, no.
I was not a chosen one. But you.

How could your heart be left uncalled?
For God must truly have a selfish side.
He must’ve thought once, twice, three times before
Bestowing you to my good fortune.

Has the ruler come out of hiding in worry of my soul?
For an angel of your kind should serve the perfect remedy.
Only your hands cradle the need;e needed to stitch my
High school battle wounds.

Only your lips give the kisses that truly take the sting away.

Do I do the same for you, sweet angel?
Are my kisses the icepacks to your swollen heartaches?
For you deserve yourself, yet stronger.
Tell me, love, what can I do for you?

How does one repay another for making their spirits soar
Is something I’d love to know.
I would take the wildest strides for you,
Anything to see that smile you’ve been gifted with.

You are the melting pot of good fortune.
Anywhere you step, light and hope is left in your footprints.
You’ve left hope in my heart and happiness in my eyes,
Fallen angel. Sweet blessing. Peace offering form the dude upstairs.

Forever will I love you, ‘til were both back in the sky.

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