Real Life is Nasty

August 6, 2010
By BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
BabyFace95 GOLD, Thunder Bay, Other
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Real lifes nasty.
It doesn't care about heroes or happy endings or the way things should be.
It's cruel.
In real life, bad things happen.
People die.
Fights are lost. Evil often wins.
When evil wins, it takes over.
The worst in all of us overcomes the good.
The minute evil defeats good, our morals, as humans, disappear without a trace.
We forget who we've become.
The good inside us is buried beneath the evil that we've sought.
When evil takes over, it causes us to have to care for ourselves, on our own.
Being on our own generally means having to survive alone.
From what I've tasted of life, I would rather live in a world where good and evil are constantly on the battlefield, deciding whats right and whats wrong. Rather then having a world where evil doesn't exist or where good doesn't exist, at least if they were constantly battling, we would have some kind of balance in our world and people would be able to live in peace.

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