At The Movie Theatre

June 28, 2010
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Playground for mental stimulation, making minds richer
sparks ideas like stars shooting.

Popcorn crackles between white teeth;
butter films the surface of tongues
to varnish
forever gone
the tang of formula milk.

Soda Cola in hand, empty eyed.
Reality deprived giggles
in a moratorium dictating 24 frame
truths onto a white wall.

Flirting and intimation
to pornography.



Violence released. Psycho to Saw.

Never buried to rest in peace,
toilet flushed
ghosts of integrity lost
linger. But this,
this is
this is the value of entertainment.
Sculpting pyrite ideas inside jell-o heads,

Conservative extremist against
free speech.
Tickets stick to strangle, grip to silence my jaw.

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