Song of the Seasons

July 13, 2010
By Anonymous

Everything, is in the seasons
And all begins, in the beginning
There, where the sun begins to set
And all of your energy is fading
You don't know what you are
When all the golden leaves are falling
And getting colder yet
Forgetting what it is
It's where it starts
The endless loop, twisting turning
So far apart

Until the winter comes
Cold and harsh
To wear away at all you made
And test how good is that
The thing that you have built
The stones and bricks around your heart
To keep away the winter, and the cold
But that first winter,
Would never be a success

But next here comes the sun
Glistening, smiling to the warmth
To heal and bring back love,
You may have lost
The flowers bloom,
The creeks run clear
And wipe away, every tear

When summer comes
Its when you think and learn
Of that winter that parts
You live up to yourself
And find which was once
So far apart
In the hot summer days
You warm the heart

And then the autumn comes
And that you know of
But now, if you are strong
You will not wilt
Or fly away with the wind
For the winter to tear apart

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