Breaking Point

July 8, 2010
By Madelyn1231 GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Madelyn1231 GOLD, Virginia Beach, Virginia
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Why must the bounds of love and hate continually be so muddled?

Standing on the street,
As salty tears streak my face,
I think of you and the damage you've done,
Anger pulsing through my veins.

My eyes refuse to stay dry,
Forever crying for the battles I've lost.
But I refuse to be hurt by your neglect,
My core consumed by loathing for the pain you've caused.

As my heart has,
I pray that all the mirrors of the world would shatter.
Rid me of this face, your face, this golden hair, yours as well,
And I'll send it to you on a silver platter.

I will not forgive you but I will forget
Because there is no excuse for what you've done,
The steps untaken,
And the wars un-won.

You are not my father;
You never were.
I am nothing to you, nor you to me,
Of this fact, I am sure.

Continue your life as you have
Through the years:
Untroubled by my presence,
Oblivious to my tears.

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