6 months

June 20, 2010
By Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
Reydel GOLD, Winchester, Idaho
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Stop Dreamming and Start Thinking

Im standing on a street.
With nothing but an old man and a flickering street light.
With an easy way out, on my left,
and the door to unsurety of my future.
Afraid to fail.
Should I got? Should I try?
Feeling empty and lost.
Ready to brake down in tears.
Scared of what he might say.
And how can I not know what to say.
Everything was fine I even shook his hand.
I was so sure but i was ashamed imberrest.
How could I.
How can I succed this time,
and even then I have one more test.
Im scared Im lost.
I dont know what to do.
But no one can help me...

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