June 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Oh Annie
You are my savior
my one true love
the missing piece to my life's puzzle
Annie, sweet and sour
I love all your facets
I was once lonely and sad
but then you came along
you fulfilled every romantic cliche
You were the light at the end
the end of a dark tunnel
I was zapped by you
I wanted your lips on mine
For you to return my love
I was afraid not of being rejected
but of your judgment of me changing
it frightened me
I wanted you to be known as Mine
and me as Yours
However I couldn't ask you
I regret it now
regret not saying it myself
Dear Annie,
Plez, know to me
you were unforgettable
and I'll always remember you
remember you as you were before
before I made my mistake
Annie, I love you
and wish you had loved me

The author's comments:
This is about a ninth grader that I like and his nickname is Annie.

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