To Give a Girl an Ax

June 18, 2010
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Think her up
Paint her eyes Cobalt blue
Rosy Cheeks; delicate insupportable arms
Wrapped as a doll, damsel to a Gorham china display
Western purple dress; heavy black boots
Now gently draw, into her hand, a shiny-black Kalashnikov
Suddenly a new breed of girl
Healthy Cheeks; full bodied deceitful arms
Proudly at ease in her Jumper dress, no less prevailing
Unadulterated Crimson lipstick; can kill you with a kiss
Sugar and Coal
Rainbows and Moonlight
Necklace and Earrings, with Flamethrower in sight
Baking Oven and Kitchen Knives
Lemonade and Acid Rain
Plié and Call of Duty
Barbie Bliss and Unspeakable pain
Scremo and Serenades,
The purple heart of a heroine
She has a point to convey
And she doesn't need aid

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