Once I Did, Now I Don't

June 4, 2010
I’ve told you I’ve loved you,
which is true.
I’ve told you I’ve missed you,
which is true.
I’ve told you that you were my one love,
which was true.
But now.
Now I feel like it’s time to move on,
grow apart,
meet new people.
I never see you in my dreams.
I never catch glimpses of you
flying by in my mind.
Maybe I never did like you.
That’s a possibility.
And I’m sorry to say
that I cant keep this up.
I cant lie to my heart.
It’s to much pain.
So I’m sorry to tell you this
but this blooming rose we called love
has wilted and died.
It died a while back
but we tried to keep it alive.
It was fun and enjoyable while it lasted
but now its sickening and awful.
So I’m sorry once again
that I must follow my heart.
And sadly is just isn’t with you.

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