What you did

April 23, 2010
By Anonymous

Hearing those words come out of her mouth bring back bad memories.
Memories of when I was fat.
Memories of when people called me that.
Here I don’t get called that. But there I did.
I can’t erase those from my mind and I never will be able to.
I always say I’m fat and ugly but that’s from my mouth.
Its different hearing it from someone you love.
From someone you thought wouldn’t do that.
I wish she would learn that everything I say to her is payback.
She hurts me, she kills me, she makes me want to cry.
I already hate myself why does she have to make it worse?
She says I’m rude maybe she should hear the things she says.
Maybe she should think before she acts.
Maybe then she might gain my love back again.
But from now on I’m through with her.
I’m through with talking to her.
And hopefully she will realize that what she said was wrong, hurtful, and full of hatred.

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