I Am From

May 17, 2010
By karen rivera BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
karen rivera BRONZE, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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I am from watching Blue's Clues and playing with Barbies
From begging my sister to play with me
I am from bringing my stuff animal downstairs to the living room
From bringing her back upstairs to sleep with me after i heard a frightening sound
I am from long days at school and rushing through my homework to play with my dogs
From eating Oreos with delicious milk at home\I am from the enormous white and green glass doorFrom the rice pudding smell that is spread all over the house
I am from driving my go-kart outside my gigantic jungle back yardFrom crashing it into the white and gray fence while evertyone's laughing instead of yellingI am from my crazy parties at the basementFrom the music that makes ebveryone want to dance and have a great timeI am from my very decorated and organized room
From watching people fall from the stairs and see their pain in their eyesWhose big briuses I feel as if they were mine\I am from getting wet in the rain
From dancing when it's raining and not having the attention to stop
I am from playing hide in seek with my dogsFrom gettin kissed for giving them love and affection
I am from taking pictures in the skyFrom actually realizing it is beautiful and it's worth the while
I am from being very helpful and hard-workingFrom achieving my goals and to never quit\I am from a Spainsh familyFrom having so many relavties to fill the empty spaces and feel the tight hugs
I am from a humorous family
From my grandma telling stories when we were all babies and teaching us lessonsI am from Elizabeth to South Plainfield
From meeting a lot of amazing people and having unforgettablle memories\This is where I am from
And no one can tell my any differentI am from where my thoughts and memories areAnd they will continue to live on for as long as I live,
But until then, they will be kept in a safe place just waiting to blossom again.

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