May 8, 2010
By RuRuTheLoVeGuRu GOLD, Valley Stream, New York
RuRuTheLoVeGuRu GOLD, Valley Stream, New York
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Jealousy is evil.
You probably can’t help it.
You probably can’t stop yourself,
From hating but it will only result,
In lasting shame.

If you see someone,
Who can do something
That you cannot,
Do not be jealous.
It will only make you
Fill with regret.

The person with heart,
Accepts what others can do,
But also knows that,
They have their own uniqueness.
There is no need to be jealous of others,
When you have yourself.

Jealousy is evil.
Do not fall for it.
It is only likely
To end in a fit.
Accept yourself.
Believe in others.
And jealousy,
Will be forgotten.

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