April 28, 2010
I ran through the forest as fast as I could.
Fire behind me picking up speed.I broke into a meadow and there she was,alone hidden in the dead shrubs.The fire behind me screamed and turned away from us.Afraid of what it would find here.It ran burning nothing as it passed.She was hurt and covered in deep red blood.I asked her whats happened!The city! She did not answer me,instead she gasped and grabbed at her head.The color draining from her body.Behind the trees the Fire screamed and turned in our direction.Her protection from it now gone.She was losing her magic.She was dying.The fire broke through the trees and stunned the meadow.An ethereal monster draped in fire,ash, and sin.It lunged for her and I was in its way.It stabbed me with black claws that made me impure. I began to burn from the inside.Fire dancing in my veins.As i burned she stood and raised both arms.She spoke and the demon monster shattered.Its flame gone.Her hair became white and she collapsed.The sky throbbed.The clouds spoke her name. Nadie. A simple beautiful name. She lay there half-dead and somehow manged to pint behind me.The treeline disappeared and in its place was Calalini.Its white walls now faded.Smoke mushroomed from its houses,its street coated in blood.Calalini burned.And then my friends surrounded me.Smiles and grins all pointed at me.Then they shattered and I grabbed at their pieces.The ground gave way and I landed far below.I stared up at the sky,burning heavens and screamed.A brilliant white light.People ran in every which way.Flaiyah they screamed! Oh the flaiyah!I watched as every single Human on the planet was devoured by the light.And they all ended the same.Face down and aflame.And i could not turn away.

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