April 29, 2010
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Sometimes i catch myself
Watching him, searching him
I see myself peering into his eyes,grasping his
Lids as i hoist myself inside his head
I want to know what happens to his mind
Where he goes when he goes

Watch him glittering in the dusk
His chest rising and falling in rhythm
To the best from his speakers,
His hands

drumming on the
Steering wheel as he transforms
Within himself before my

See him wondering what I'm
Talking about, as I
ramble on into nothingness
I imitate my day through hand
Gestures, he just sighs with a smile,
Looks straight at me and
I don't mind, anything to make him

Remembering when it happened
And how he looked so small
How I couldn't find the right things to
Just held him when he
Dried his tears with my sweatshirt
Wished I could know what he

He never says much about his thoguhts
I urge him to speak up
But it;s different with him,
He keeps them locked in
While I'm bursting to get mine out
To hear myself
speak, to know someone's

I think about the troubles we've
Been in. How he never said too much
Just took it all in silently
Waiting, I suppose, for it all to pass
So I wait for him to
tell me
everything's going to be

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