i miss you and im sorry

April 15, 2010
By , eddy, TX
I miss you and I’m sorry…
I miss your big smile, and you laughing at me when ever I fall or make careless mistakes,
I’m sorry im not there no more to laugh.
I miss going to your baseball games and telling you its ok that you lost and what only matters is that you had fun,
I’m sorry Im not there to support you.
I miss your sarcasm,
I’m sorry you can’t have sarcasm towards me anymore because im not there
I miss you telling me all your crushes you have from school,
I’m sorry I can’t be there to here you talk to me about your crushes.
I miss telling you its ok whenever you have bad dreams,
I’m sorry that I left you with the bad dreams in the dark.
I miss you and me running away from all the people who that have done us wrong,
Im sorry that im not there to run with you and comfort you.
Most of all I miss seeing you.
Seeing you, is like Christmas, you only come once a year.
Most of all Im sorry for leaving you and im sorry that you cant laugh at this mistake I made.
And I’m sorry that I can’t replace you broken heart this time

Lots and lots of Love from
Your older sister Ally

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L@Xgurrl said...
Feb. 27, 2011 at 4:59 pm

I can connect to this poam. You have nice style!


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