April 28, 2010
By Anonymous

I was a boy who couldn’t go a day without getting picked on
I remember when I got locked in the bathroom, stuck on the toilet
I heard my parents wish I was never born
I saw the happiness in my father’s eyes when I came home hurt
I worried I wouldn’t even make it past the seventh grade
I thought I was only heading downward, Heaven wasn’t even in question
But, I want to change

I am an athlete on every sports team
I think everything is going to turn out okay
I need scholarships to get to collage to prove everyone wrong
I try to do every homework and practice as much I can
I feel content with the way I am as a person
I forgive those of my past, because they will only help me in the future
Now I can change

I will be a doctor who can help those in need
I choose to only look at the positive and never negative
I dream for my children to go threw life easier
I hope to only help better the world
I know I can do it
I will change

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