Universal Elevator

April 5, 2010
By Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
Snowy PLATINUM, Cambridge, Vermont
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Excuse me??

Ground zero, between battles of nations, the battles for possestion, greed and fame. Arguments consisting of stupid things. Pure ignorance, blame it on no one but yourself.

Doors slide open, and I'm sent on a mission. A mission to find higher meaning. For peace, for kownledge, for completion. For a person.

A crystal elevator, floor one lights up at the top of the front wall in bold letters.
Decending in a down direction. Silence, the doors open.
Across the rock covered cavern, is a twin of the same metal. I turn to find myself in a dark cave, with open water. No ones here, and as the numbers stack up a picture of this person plays out in my brain.

Some of the bottons are missing, some already pushed, or broken. I incounter demons, angels, a pinwheel of beings. Strange creatures, aliens, diffrent races.

I ask for directions, from the floors of rooms, dining tables, travling on boats, through jungles, rivers, mountains, skys, rolling hills, acient citys, planets, dimentions, galexys, moons, black wholes and boxes. The most beautiful places you could imagine, new colors beyond human comprehension. Towns floating on water, houses built into redwood giants, dragon wings, and griffins. Colorful marching band celebrations and dancing gypsies. Coral reefs stretching into the sky, boats with raven wings floating on by. Pirates and samurai, black writing, cold winters and rainbow water.

They all give me hints, clues on to whare this person could be, so I search, I run, I fly, I see.

Traveling through my past lives, all along I've been searching.

On the 100th floor is hevan, even god won't give me a clear answer, the 66th floor in hell, satin won't give me their soul.

The monsters only get me lost.

People join me in this elevator, they come and they go, not one of them knows. And as my journey through water falls, and beaches comes to an end. Theres one last floor I hadden't noticed before.

Floor 19 on this universal tower. The door opens, and healing light consumes me.

Brilliant flowers of asper, cyan, and saffron spread across a feild.

This person, stands before me. They fall over bursting all my dreams.

Firefly's and falling stars collide, exploding in garnets of strings, paper birds, peach petals, and scarlet fire burns. Wisping up into the eternal air, a small blue flame forms and smashes into my heart down my throat.

Vision locks on to a ring.

A purple sapphire glows.

And now, I've truely found, me.

The author's comments:
A dream i recently had.

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