April 20, 2010
By , Longmont, CO
We used to be perfection
We were both moving in the right direction
Do you think we could be that way
Before the fire smokes us out?
Because I know I don't.
We lost everything we stood for
Took everything away that we couldn't ignore
Thank you for the information
Now I'm going to let you go
And now you know
The story of a love
That was lost and never found
The ice is about to smother us
I welcome it, and you whisper that my heart and the ice are one
Well congratulations, you've won
You've lost me, and now you can go back to her AGAIN
After you lied and promised never again
Look at the treasure you burned
I would have loved you all my life if you hadn't broken my heart
And destroyed my view of life, and of myself
We run and run away from it all
Because we know we're about to fall
We can quote the song “Forever and Always” a million times
But we will never be the same
We are so alike that we're different
We keep holding on to the same old tragedy
And we never keep our sanity
Maybe I'm trying to convince myself more than you
But then, what have I said that ISN'T true?

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