April 11, 2010
By Anonymous

my love for you holds me captive, as i try to break free from this horrible destiny, i love you, but you do not love me. my love for you binds me.
set me free, just leave me be, don't lead my heart on, tell it your gone. let me down hard so i wont come back. Don't worry about hurting me when you leave.
The pain you have put in me is greater then anyone can see.
I loved you and you cheated, You left a horrible thing on me, i am scared to fall in love again because of how bad you hurt me. i know i have hurt you but this pain...this pain is im-bearable. your with my friend now so please oh please just leave me be. i will come back but push me away, i wont stay, because you've hurt me permanently. I have ran away from good relationships because of heart fears they will all do the same. i hurt you but you hurt me too. i loved you but my love for you needs to shoo because i`m done, done with you

The author's comments:
i dated this guy off and on most of this school year and yesterday he and my friend "hooked up" in her room. it made me mad and sad. even though he was my ex it still hurt. i dumped him but only bc i was scared he was going 2 leave me. i have a lot of pain bc of him n i just let it out in this poem... thank u for reading

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