Yet, you Struck me Out

April 17, 2010
By quinny BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
quinny BRONZE, Wayne, New Jersey
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I’m a benchwarmer
The equipment manager for the team
I’ve watched my friends step up to plate and get singles, doubles, and a couple of homers ; )
But I have waited and waited, watching pitchers oversee me and look for another hitter
Whether they have a better hit, swing, or they just like their stance
When you came up to the mound my heart skipped a beat
It was my chance to show the team what I got
You called me over to stand on home plate
I followed
I stood my stance and bared my teeth, and yet you stayed
You watched with amazement, just watching me while holding the ball in your glove
When the first pitch came it was a fast ball
Quick and to the point, but with my lack of knowledge I swung and missed
The umpire yelled “Strike One, my jaw dropped but you laughed and said “two more “
The second pitch came in a straight line after the first
I was too busy looking at you and then I heard “Strike two”
With one pitch left I took my stance, licked my lips and adjusted my cap
You threw the ball; I swung with my entire mite putting every emotion into the forward motion
I looked to run at first base but the umpire held the ball in his hand
A curve ball
“Strike three, you’re out”
I couldn’t believe at what I had just heard
I dropped to one knee to catch my breath and stared directly at you
You stood there without regret in the world
Tears fled to my eyes as I walked back to the bench
I really needed you in my life, no matter what I have to do
I thought “Are you that afraid of me?” Are you that afraid?
But I’ll wait for, cause I hate myself for losing you
There was regret in your eyes, you wanted to start over
Yet you Struck me Out…

Quinn Kelly

The author's comments:
when the guy i liked decided he didnt like me

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