My best friend

March 13, 2010
By angelWings SILVER, Eagan, Minnesota
angelWings SILVER, Eagan, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
your the smoke to my high

the sorrow,
that your gone.
never to hold my hand again,
never to see your eyes glint.

you lying there,
so pale.
time has run out.
cold grips my hear.

who use to laugh death in the face.
loved the thrill of danger.
our days slipped fast.

you took the fall,
but im the one dying.
my face set to stone,
refusing to crumble.

If i break.
If i let the tears come.
i will never be able to stop them,
crystal waterfalls, never ending.

your annoying tunes,
now so quiet.
your laugh,
is missing.

Then im gone, broken.
water broken through the brick wall
as your chamber is lowerd,
then covered.

your gone

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