My World

March 8, 2010
By Austin McClain BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
Austin McClain BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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I hear it but I still
Don’t get up.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

The alarm.

Calling out to ruin my dream,
my only real home,
and drag me back into the twisted
thorn bearing way of life.

Calling out, Overpowering
the bittersweet silence
that had once filled
my room.

Calling out in a desperate
attempt to move me
from my heavenly slumber.

I hit the snooze button
in hope that I can find it
in me to drift back into
that state of sleep that leaves
you yearning for more…

Eyes closed, I feel myself fall
into the black abyss of dreams.

I gaze down at a world I feel
I know, but does not look exactly familiar.

What’s different?
Why do I know this place?
What is it about everything?

I start looking harder,
Each house is nice,
Tidy, and clean.

Everyone looks peaceful.
There is
no fighting,
no gun fire,
no begging people,
no violence.

I awake in a cold sweat
but not from the dream
or from the alarm clock.

Someone had thrown a rock
through my open window
trying to break the glass.

My alarm goes off
and my day
is ruined.

Not that every other
day is any different.
My pre-determined misery
day in and day out.

Here we go again.

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