March 23, 2010
By uniquerobot BRONZE, Rixeyville, Virginia
uniquerobot BRONZE, Rixeyville, Virginia
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"You do not have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body" - C.S. Lewis

Snow comes down on this city,
Blanketing high rises, dulling flashing lights
It’s all glazed over like icing on a cake
With a sprinkling of sugar
Beautiful wintertime, nipping at pale skin, flushing cheeks
Snow laced on long, black eyelashes

She looks up
Green meets blue
Just for a split second, their eyes meet.
Worlds frozen for a moment in time

A collision.

But their days will pass on
And they will forget this tiny connection


And, as predicted, days pass
We find the young-lady in her apartment.
Her mind is completely free from the moment days ago
The day she was unaware was a turning point in the story of her life.

The winter chill licks at her bones,
Making them ache for something to soothe them

Coffee is always good antidote
As she sprinkles vanilla, it makes her think of the snow
She is unaware that this is an analogy of her life
Slowly falling into the right position, just to get mixed up again.

She then feels a presence beside her, a tall statue in a double breasted coat.
His hair is sprinkled with snow, slightly damp, and hanging in his eyes.
Then he looks at her, and instantly she remembers
Those blue eyes so vivid and sharp they could cut glass

His arm brushed against her as he reached for the cinnamon, not rough, but just enough to make her flinch, knocking her elbow against her cup.
She let out a small gasp as espresso spilled to the floor, and laughed to hide her embarrassment.
“It’s okay” he whispered, getting napkins.

Before they knew it they were sitting in a little café
Laughing about the spilt coffee, the news, and the ways of the world.
Anyone in the room could see the chemistry.
It was overpowering.
She didn’t know whether to give in or not

But everything he said had deep meaning to her
As if he were reading a page from her journal out loud

They shared their opinions on different matters,
Some the same, some totally different
But they loved hearing what the other had to say

She looked into those blue eyes and saw home
Beautiful crystal blue

Being with him was coming up for air after a long swim
Breathing that first breath of relief
Knowing she's finally safe
Being with him was living forever in a single moment
Being with him was never dying

“Can I walk you home?” he asked, a small smile appearing
She nodded as he helped her with her coat

Night had fallen onto the ever-stirring city,
The cabs whizzed by, wiping snow off their windshields
Tall skyscrapers frosted in elegant white
A cabaret of flashing lights

Her eyes darted over the picturesque winter scene before her,
The beautiful snow covered city
He was looking at the vibrant spirit in purple stockings
A girl oblivious of his gaze.

Finally, their eyes locked
And he touched her cheek,
Holding her chin up
“You’re beautiful” he whispered

She felt her knees go weak
Eyelids slowly closing
Their lips met

A collision

The world spun
City lights in a whirlwind of color
They were the center of the universe
The rest of the world was melting away

Too soon, they were at her door.
This gentle stranger of whom she’d shown affection was now about to begin his own journey.
Back home.
She quickly scribbled seven numbers on a crinkled piece of paper.

He smiled, turning to leave.

The end of a wonderful night.

Still, three days later there was no call.
She was starting to have anxious thoughts
She’d almost given up hope

There was a knock on her door that night.
At first she thought there was nothing there
Until she looked down and saw the roses.

Attached was a note “go to your window”
She obeyed the card as if it were God telling her to do so.

Hanging on the outside of the window was another note “up the fire escape”
She crawled out the window and tried not to look down at the alley below
Even the third floor would be a hard fall

She finally made her way up the scaffolding, and found herself at another apartment window. Yet another note was taped to it. “It’s open”

She slid into the apartment, a strange form of adrenaline pumping through her.
She looked up and saw him, looking particularly pleased with himself
“Why couldn’t you have me use the elevator?” she asked, panting
He smiled smugly “I wanted to see if you’d scale a building for me”

He had her like a puppet on a string. She was dancing for him now, just a play thing to manipulate.
But she loved every minute of it.

He wanted to be her marionette
Together they’d be a puppet show.

He stood, yanking her strings, pulling her close.
Kisses melted lips like chocolate in the sun.
Sweet champagne and floral perfume.
Muscular arms holding onto his prize, afraid she’d crumble if he didn’t
Turquoise painted fingers dancing over a toned chest
Kisses. Lace. Skin.
Sheets. Pillows.
Arms. Legs.

A collision.

Waking up is like an instant connection between body and mind.
Senses startle themselves into working again.
These senses are intensified when she wakes up in a strange place.
Expecting to find an amazing person next to her.
But instead there’s a note.

She smiles, thinking it’s like the notes from before.
But instead she read:

“We don’t go well together. Last night was a mistake. Please leave before I get back”

Her eyes scanned this over many times before it finally set in.
Her heart sputtered. This had to be wrong.
But what about what they’d had last night?
Didn’t that mean anything?
He’d be in the kitchen, making breakfast, she decided.
This would all be a joke

She got up, her eyes glazing over as she pulled last-night’s jeans on.
He wasn’t in the kitchen.
The apartment was empty.
He expected her gone.

Her hand found the door and she was back onto the city streets.
She had to find something to keep her mind off him.
She pressed the button on the stoplight.
And stepped into the crosswalk.

She didn’t see what was coming.

A collision.

The author's comments:
It's funny how you'll do anything for someone and they end up hurting you.

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 wow that was awesome-so beautiful and romantic

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