Sticks and Stones

March 25, 2010
By AlyssaAnn BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
AlyssaAnn BRONZE, State College, Pennsylvania
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Thrown like stones,
Shaped like sticks,
They hurt.
Stab like knives,
Hurt like lies,
Maybe they are.
You never knew me,
And still, everything you said
It made me lose my grip.
I lost who I was
And you lead me down the wrong path.
I thought,
Hey, maybe you’re right;
I’m really not that pretty,
Really not that cool,
And yet, I hoped you were wrong.
I saw a perfect image;
A smart, young girl,
A pretty faced and cool girl
But, you tore here down,
Tore her apart before she had a chance.
I was forced into your wrongful mold.
Your teasing shaped me into what I wasn’t.
Was it funny to you?
Had you no remorse,
Or regret?
And now there’s that that I can’t forget.
You added more weight
Before I had a chance to lift.
You thought you were cool,
That putting me down would put you up.
In ways it did.
But I don’t understand.
I did nothing to you
And it was fine for you to hurt me.
That was years ago
And I won’t ever forget it
And I know that you’ll never regret it.
No apology would heal these wounds,
Not that you would ever apologize.
I’ve moved on, sure,
But the scars aren’t gone.
Sticks and stones may break my bones,
But words will never hurt me.
Yeah, right;
That’s a lie.
My bones will heal,
The bruises go away,
But these scars in my heart won’t.
The words will always stay.
I want to say it will come back around,
But it won’t,
It never did.
I wish it all away,
But it’s there.
And I push it down,
I turn the other cheek.
I know who I am,
You can’t make me what I’m not.
I just feel sorry for you;
You wasted time hurting me,
Where did that get you?
Nowhere different,
Nowhere new?
Too bad.
Guess I’m the only one who grew.
Helpful sticks grow to trees,
Nicer stones build foundations,
They keep me away from words,
From pain.
And I’m the only one with anything to gain.

The author's comments:
Being a victim of bullying isn't easy, but I've grown from it. I don't normally write poems in this style, but it worked. :)

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