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March 3, 2010
when you say hello,
i wisper "hi" and then hate to see you go, when you kiss me good night, i try to see with all blind sight, when you remind me that you love me, sometimes i only think "yeah right", when we fight and i cry, you immediately apoligize, we we goof off your the first to take the hit, when we go out, your deffinately not ashamed to admit, that i am yours and yours alone and we'll always be together, everytime you come around, i bound into you without a sound, though the distance is a very big obsticle, we will over come it agin and again, until we are together forever,
you made me a promise, that you'd take me away,
cinderella and prince charming, never again bound by chains or age, you want military, well i support you 100%, but if i lose you, i lose everything, make a life, be yourelf, and never forget that you'll always have me in hind sight, but only one thing more, if i could just tell you, if you only knew, just exactly how much i love you!

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Mandi C. said...
Apr. 30, 2010 at 4:11 pm
wow!!! thats really really good i like it alot so i hope you check out my work too n comment on it!!! n awesome job again!!! :)
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