February 23, 2010
By mynameis GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
mynameis GOLD, Bolingbrook, Illinois
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I’ve lost my way
On this journey
I cannot find
My way through this fog

My hopes fall before me
My breath disappears
My heart is bleeding
And my world starts to cave

Somehow im moving
My strength continues to grow
I know where im going
But how I don’t know

Things grow worse
I can’t move my feet
But somehow I feel
Someone carrying me

Snug in his arms
I start to dream
As his love and his joy
Penetrate me

I take in my breath
as ours become one
I bask in his glory
Brighter then the sun

On my feet again
Why have you forsaken me
Why am I alone now
Why did you stop carrying me

Running blind again
Torn to pieces
By the rocks and the snares
And by all things indecent

Cursing your name
Beating your back
Hurting myself
But strangely
To get you back

Then again by your mercy
True love is shown
And I know once again
Im not walking alone

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