Darkness in my Wake

February 11, 2010
By ClairArlene BRONZE, Tonganoxie, Kansas
ClairArlene BRONZE, Tonganoxie, Kansas
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Darkness in my wake
And darkness walks with me
As i walk towards the light
The shadows guide me,
Holding my hand along the way
In the blackened void i find the beauty
Laying in this broken down casket
The ashes of our death to comfort Me.
You run your fingers across my face
Your touch? Your fingers?
Or my still and quiet body?
Bury your head in my chest for the Last time
My heart? My soul?
Or your kisses and your love?
So seal the lid as you did our fate
And leave me with the darkness
And the night beckons me...
As i fade into black
The ghost of you leave me,
Bleeding the pain away.
A faint bliss lingers in the Emptiness
Laid to rest on a bed of roses
All withered and diseased by your Lies
Press my hands to yours
My scars? My love?
Or your empty promises?
So pull the wool over my eyes
And leave me to evanesce from your Memory

The author's comments:
This poem is in a boy's point of view. I wrote this after seeing in the news that a teenager killed himself because of his girlfriend.

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