Half and Half

February 7, 2010
By Dukanu BRONZE, Holley, New York
Dukanu BRONZE, Holley, New York
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Carpe diem.


Why must I be insipid?
Does my intelligence offend you?
simply because I'm not the same
Must I strive to be like you?

Why should I act average?
Can I not just be my self?
Whats so wrong with being
Different from most else?

Why should have to fall
to the same level as you
only because you can't understand
when I talk the way I do?

Why must I pretend
that I am not above
just so you can comprehend
what I am speaking of?

I'm fastidious and ridiculous,
I am literate and considerate

I'm smart and I have heart

Yet how come just to please you
I must act half my part?

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