Me, Myself, and I

January 30, 2010
This body is just a shell.
In it, lives the three of us
Pressing buttons, pulling levers
Controlling this person
And watching through the windows of her eyes.

Who am I?
I am no one
I am just an observer
I have no opinion
I have no control
I am nothing
Why am I here?

Me is one of us.
Me is locked away inside
Waiting to be let out.

Myself is one of us
Myself takes over
Myself builds a mask
Myself spreads lies
Myself talks with our friends
Laughs with them
Cries with them.

But Me cries in her cell
Me begs to be let out
To show herself
But Myself throws away the key,

And here I am
I was born after Me and Myself
To fill a gap between two very different types of insane.

I know Myself
Myself takes control
I don’t know Me
I’ve never met Me
I wonder what Me is like.

I think Me must be lonely.

Myself knows Me is crying
But Myself is scared too
Myself thinks that if Myself surrenders control
The mask Myself worked on will fall apart
They will see Me
And run away.

Then all of us will cry.

I was told this by Myself
I understand Myself
But I don’t agree

I won’t cry.

I can’t cry.

Me won’t cry
Me has wasted too much time crying
I think Me wants to be free
Even if just for a moment.

Myself has control in public
I am allowed to come out in private
Me is locked up

Someday I will let Me out

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lemon said...
Feb. 21, 2010 at 1:24 am
i like your identity poems. i think their beautiful.
FurryFireFox replied...
Feb. 21, 2010 at 6:30 pm
Oh, thank you so much. That's nice to hear.
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